Von der Leyen: producing clean energy in Tunisia, a competitive advantage for Europe

Producing clean energy in Tunisia would give Europe “a huge competitive advantage”, said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, according to a report from the Italian news agency Nova.

For Tunisia, these are opportunities to develop self-consumption of energy in addition to export. A “win-win” for both parties, according to a statement by Ms. von der Leyen at the International Conference on Development and Migration held in Rome on Sunday.

“Europe has ended its dependence on Russian fuels and is investing in clean energy to power tomorrow’s industries,” she said, noting that Europe will, however, have to import its own energy.
According to the official, the production of green electricity in Europe costs the Old Continent ten cents per kilowatt hour while its production in Tunisia would cost only two cents.

“It’s a classic win-win formula: Europe has an interest in investing in Tunisia and Tunisia has an interest in developing self-consumption and export capacities,” stressed the President of the European Commission.

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