Clean energies in Tunisia: 40 million dollars for a powerful and sustainable transformation

Power Tunisia, a revolutionary five-year program, is committed to supporting Tunisia in its transition to clean energy and cutting-edge technologies.

Its main objective is to fully exploit the country’s solar and wind potential, thus strengthening the performance of the energy sector, ensuring diversification and securing the energy supply, and encouraging innovation through pilot projects and partnerships. advanced technologies. This is the result of the seminar organized by USAID on the energy transition aimed at making the private sector greener.

By mobilizing 40 million US dollars, Power Tunisia aims to support nearly 2,000 Tunisian companies in the adoption of clean energy solutions.

This program actively promotes renewable energy projects, innovation and the creation of green jobs, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and increasing the country’s clean energy production capacity by 70 megawatts.

United States Ambassador to Tunisia Joey R. Hood, present at the seminar, highlighted the transformative role of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Tunisia’s transition to a green and sustainable economy.

He highlighted the importance of reducing dependence on traditional fossil fuels and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

In addition, he also encouraged manufacturers and building managers to adopt responsible and innovative approaches to energy efficiency, in order to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions. Walid Bessrour, Technical Director of Renewable Energy at Power Tunisia, stressed the importance of mandatory energy audits for all Tunisian companies in the private or public sector. He also encouraged the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to meet energy needs and avoid rising bills.

Craig VanDevelde, Project Manager of Power Tunisia, also underlined the essential role of NGOs, financial institutions, experts, associations, international donors and development banks in the fight against Tunisia’s energy and environmental challenges. He underscored the program’s commitment to fostering strong partnerships and harnessing collective efforts to generate lasting change in Tunisia’s energy sector.

Following the seminar, hotels, commercial enterprises and industries were encouraged to submit their requests for assistance in the development of renewable energy projects through USAID’s exclusive Power Tunisia program portal: www.

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